Document Process Company       


ProceDo was established in January 2007 and is specialized in document capture process, adaptive Case Management solutions, legal archiving and certified document exchange system.

With over 20 years experience in this business unit, its management team, has built up a solid customer base both in Belgium and Luxembourg, targeted principally to Banking, Insurance, Telco, Governmental and public sector.

All the ProceDo consultants are expert in implementation of Kofax and OpenText Global360 technologies. With ProceDo as a system integrator the know-how, the implementation and the responsibility for licenses and for support lie with one and the same negotiating partner. Thanks to this centralized approach, users are convinced of accurately configured software and of integration.

The targets of ProceDo is delivering the right local services, the right local support and the right local integration all around product developed by international Independent Software vendor as KOFAX and other vendor.

Based on the Shoot & Prove platform ProceDo recently developed is own offer providing certified document capture via mobile applications, legal archiving facilities and certified document exchange (electronic registered letter).


Procedo has developed its own "CLOUD" document processing platform using a free mobile app for the citizen.
This document processing platform is accessible by all professionals (SMEs, large companies, public administrations, and others ....) who want to capture information from users using the App Shhot and Prove.

The user can also generate free of charge his own original documents with a legal value in order to keep them in his working environment.

If you want to test and access this application follow the following link: Shoot & Prove demonstration platform developped by ProceDo and accessible for free by everyone.