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A Service provider and Solutions Integrator

Dedicated solutions

Technical Service Offering

A Service provider and Solutions Integrator Know-how

The mission statement of ProceDo consists of providing and implementing, together with its customers, high added value solutions for Document capture, document archiving and document exchange.

For this purpose, it developed a dual competence as editor and integrator of solutions and acquired specialist knowledge and specialized competence in some vertical market segments such as Insurance, Banking, Administration, Social security, Industry and Telecom.

Today, the company has developed activities in Belgium and Luxembourg and in that process has learned to manage sustainable growth, while preserving stability in the team and maintaining a strong financial position.

ProceDo's customers benefit from a wide range of technologies that allowes them to make optimal use of the wealth of information that is available in their organizations while maintaining confidentiality and security. With more than 50 customers, 100 projects carried out and 10.000 users of its technologies, ProceDo is today a significant participant on the Belgian Document Management Market.

Dedicated solutions

The know-how of ProceDo enables the user to develop dedicated solutions for every level of the organization.

The main dedicated solutions proposed by ProceDo are the following:
  • Electronic Folders Management
  • Approval process of documents
  • Workflow management
  • Import and automatic indexing of office automation documents
  • Search by structured fields and full text
  • OCR on text area
  • Structured indexing and full text
  • Archiving of legal documents
  • Capture and Archiving of Paper Documents in large volumes
  • Scanner selection
  • Automatic indexing with OCR/ICR and/or bar codes
  • Intelligent capture with bar codes
  • Scanning and automatic indexing by bar codes recognition
  • Archiving of the outputs documents: invoicing, accounting books, listings, bank statements,….
  • Conversion into a single format: PDF
  • Application Design
  • Response to legal requirements of archiving

    Technical Service Offering


  • Study of feasibility and opportunity
  • Study of organization and information flows
  • Study of holdings
  • Model elaboration
  • Development of specifications
  • Project roll-out
  • Detailed Analysis:

  • Parameter setting and Development
  • Integration with what exists
  • Migration of what exists
  • Hardware and software installations
  • Project management
  • Control committee
  • Group of experts
  • Quality assurance
  • Assistance:

  • Administrator and users training
  • Setup Assistance
  • Maintenance on-site
  • Project Management methodology:

    Electronic Document Management projects require a methodology for design and implementation of the solution, taking into account that:
  • Such solutions can affect the whole company
  • Basic mechanisms of administrative tasks will be modified
  • They have long term implications
  • A standard procedure was developed by ProceDo to carry out such projects.

    The most important stages are as follows:

    Finitialisation of the project which results in 5 deliverables:
  • The Quality Assurance Plan
  • The General Specifications Folder
  • The General Architecture Folder
  • The Validation Tests Folder
  • Implementing the solution according to preset specifications
    The delivery process runs in two stages:
  • Checking on the correct running of the system based on the test set defined at the start of the project
  • Regular service test, which aims at checking during an agreed period of time, the efficiency of the system and its reliability under full load conditions